YMCA alumni visit

Alumni from University & College YMCA, Chinese YMCA of HK truly lived up to their moto “to serve, not to be served” by being fully immersed in the operations of the kennels. They had the opportunity to walk the dogs, prepping and serving the dog’s food, wash the dogs, jet hose the floor of outside kennel rooms, washing the dog bowls and they also had the chance to help tidy up a path route for walkers to enjoy the view of the waterfall.

Scouts visit

299th East Kowloon Scout Group from Sai Kung joined us to complete their Animal Care Badge. After having a talk from a Vet at their Scout Association, they all came to walk the dogs after school. The Scout’s was given a talk about our stray friends and then they had the chance to ask any questions. They really immersed themselves in the true meaning of being awarded their Animal Care Badge.



Teenager raised over HKD250,000

14 year old, Ansh Sahay took it upon himself to raise funds needed for the dogs at our shelter which faced being shut down in December 2016 due to high rents. He began with smaller fund-raising efforts at school, but soon realised bake sales wouldn’t be enough. That’s when he launched a crowdfunding campaign – “Save SKSF” – in early December 2016 with a stated goal of raising HK$2 million by early February. The final amount Ansh raised for SKSFF was over HK$250K.